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MINISFORUM releases new dual Ethernet port NAB6 mini PC

MINISFORUM announced the release of its new dual Ethernet port NAB6 mini PCs. For processors, NAB6 uses Intel i7-12650H CPU. i7-12650H has 10 cores (6 performance-cores and 4 efficient-cores) and 16 threads with 24 MB cache, doubling the cache size of i5-12450H. Moreover, its boost clock is 4.7 GHz. It can easily handle office work. Thanks to the Intel 12 gen iGPU, it supports quad 4K displays.

Design wise, MINISFORUM uses the white chassis with the logo on the top for their intel chip mini PCs as always and it looks very clean and simple. The chassis is designed to be very upgrade friendly as well. Simply press the top plate with hand and the plate will pop up immediately for users to upgrade its RAM and SSD. No other tools are needed. For the cooling part, NAB6 uses the brand new active SSD heat sink design and side cooling vent. It can effectively dissipate heat from RAM and SSD.

For interfaces, other than the usual USB3.2 ports, there are also USB-C port that support 5V3A power and video output. If paired with suitable monitor, it can use single cable for charging monitor and output video at the same time, making the desk even cleaner.

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