Fujifilm launches the new INSTAX SQUARE SQ40 camera

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Fujifilm launches the new INSTAX SQUARE SQ40 camera

FUJIFILM has announced the launch of “INSTAX SQUARE SQ40” (SQ40), its latest addition to the INSTAX series of instant cameras compatible with square format films, allowing users to enjoy on-the-spot photo printing.

The SQ40 is an analog instant camera that sports a premium and classical leather-look design, focusing on a texture that fits comfortably in the hand. It runs on plain operations to produce square-format prints with ease. Released on the same day, the square format film “SUNSET,” characterized by graininess and gradation around the frame of the film, and a camera case specially designed for the SQ40 with matching color and texture.

The INSTAX series has been affectionately called “Cheki” in Japan since its initial launch in 1998. The series has gained popularity for its ability to not only print and preserve a precious moment right on the spot but also as a new tool for users to communicate their emotions. Offered in this series are card-sized “mini format” prints, “square format” prints, and double-card-sized “wide format” prints to expand the range of photographic expressions.

Square format film can cover a wider range of photographic scenes and is suitable for group shots and landscape photos. It can capture the subject with the background and atmosphere of the scene, expanding the user’s pallet of photographic expressions. They are well-liked across countries and generations, because by taking advantage of the 1:1 aspect ratio and arranging creative composition, square format film can turn casual scenes into the artistic work of photography.

The camera features the “Automatic Exposure” function, which achieves optimum exposure for a given scene by simply turning the lens barrel to turn on the camera, pointing the camera at the subject and pressing the shutter button. Users can also switch to the Selfie Mode for taking selfies and close-ups  by simply rotating the lens barrel to turn the camera on and rotating the barrel again in the same direction. Such simple operations are all that are needed to bring joy to photography.

Fujifilm will continue to expand the world of the “INSTAX” instant photo system that allows people to enjoy on-the-spot photo printing.