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FUJIFILM announces the launch of INSTAX Pal

FUJIFILM announced the launch of INSTAX Pal, a palm-top size camera that joins the INSTAX series of instant cameras, allowing users to take photos anytime and anywhere. It will be available in five colours to suit different lifestyles, broadening the scope of shooting situations and experiences.

The INSTAX instant photo system marks its 25th anniversary this year since its original launch in 1998. The system evolved with time, embracing trends and new technologies to expand its lineup from analogue instant cameras to hybrid instant cameras and smartphone printers. The INSTAX series offers diverse ways of enjoying photography to broaden its user base, covering young people and middle-aged groups.

The new INSTAX Pal is the INSTAX series’ first model specializing in taking pictures. Removing the printing function has made it possible to reduce the size to a palm-top level for even greater walkaround capacity. 

The INSTAX Pal features a variety of functions to facilitate shooting situations and photographic experiences. The Standard mode, activated by pressing the shutter button on the rear panel, takes advantage of the wide-angle lens to shoot from an elevated position or at a sharp angle, which is difficult to achieve with smartphones, using just one hand to capture a dynamic image that brings in more of the background. The Remote mode connects the camera to a smartphone installed with a dedicated app via Bluetooth so that pictures can be checked on the smartphone as they are taken. The Interval mode takes photos continuously at a three-second interval.

These features set this camera apart from smartphones with unique shooting experiences. The INSTAX Pal can also establish Bluetooth connection with the INSTAX Link series of smartphone printers to produce INSTAX prints out of images taken with it.

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