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Apple rumored to be working on a foldable screen MacBook

Up until now, ASUS seems to be the only laptop manufacturer to implement foldable screen technologies on the laptop for its Zenbook Fold line-up. There hasn’t been serious competition from other PC manufacturers. However, according to the latest reports, Apple is reportedly working on a new Macbook with a foldable display.

While the report mentions that Apple is currently in talks with suppliers for foldable screens, the device is expected to be announced only by 2025 and then released in 2026. Samsung and LG are known for years of development and investment in foldable screens and now there are plenty of foldable smartphones in the market.

It’s just a matter of time before other PC manufacturers start to offer foldable laptops- both premium and affordable variants. While Apple has yet to introduce a foldable iPhone for the saturated foldable smartphone market, this is a great opportunity for the Cupertino company and foldable screen manufacturers to invest in the development of a foldable screen MacBook. Expect a premium foldable MacBook in the coming years.


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