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HUAWEI nova 11 series trendy smartphones are designed for the younger generation users

The younger generation of smartphone users is smarter and pickier. When choosing a smartphone, they go for the trendy one that can take amazing photos and comes packed with smart features, refusing to settle for less. Luckily, the HUAWEI nova Series is here to meet their expectations with its innovative design, powerful cameras and cutting-edge features. Since the introduction of the HUAWEI nova Series in 2016, the series has grown into a dazzling constellation of over ten products. Whether you are a gamer, a photographer, or a professional, the HUAWEI nova Series has something for you. Each new model brings new and improved features that make your life more enjoyable.

Stylish design

The look of a smartphone is the primary purchase decision driver for the majority of consumers. This coincides with the HUAWEI nova Series’ product development principle of “Beauty comes first.” Huawei constantly improves the HUAWEI nova Series based on its understanding of nova users.

All HUAWEI nova Series offers users a thin and lightweight design, with a comfortable grip. They are highly recognisable, striking a perfect balance between being minimalist and eye-catching. The series also stands out with its surprising colour options, which evolve with each generation. The HUAWEI nova 11 Series, the latest entry to the series, is the first to introduce a monogram vegan leather design to the smartphone market, using unique patented materials to create a luxurious look and feel.

Outstanding photography and video capture experiences

Channel your inner Gen Z by experimenting with the trending ultrawide top-down selfie angle, inspired by the Y2K era’s flip phones and above-your-head camera angles. Or simply use the most flattering selfie angle: the 45-degree top-down selfie. Whatever your preference is, HUAWEI nova Series harnesses Huawei’s impressive camera technology to offer the best selfie beautification experiences.

The series was also among the first to debut AI 3D beautification features. Likewise, the HUAWEI nova 5T introduced the Super Night Selfie feature, and then the HUAWEI nova 7 launched the Circular Flash feature. From all these, we can see how the hardware-software integrated solution evolved from just catering to human subjects to delivering outstanding results capturing both people and scenery. You can rest assured that no matter which selfie styles you explore, the results will always look beautiful.

The HUAWEI nova Series offers pioneering rear and front systems. And the HUAWEI nova 11 Series takes things to new heights with a cutting-edge upgrade to both its front and rear cameras, making an exceptional photography system possible. With a strong emphasis on portrait photography, the HUAWEI nova 11 Series captures and conveys genuine emotions, empowering every nova user to express themselves with boldness and confidence.

From the HUAWEI nova 5T to the HUAWEI nova 11 Series, users can enjoy the front and rear camera systems that will allow even photography novices to have fun while capturing moments in their lives, from commencement ceremonies to beach days.

Upgraded User Experience

This versatile smartphone series was made for with the users’ ultimate convenience in mind. To deliver great battery life, the HUAWEI nova series kept improving the battery capacity and charge speed. HUAWEI nova 7 introduced the 44W HUAWEI SuperCharge, and now the HUAWEI nova 11 Pro brings the 100W HUAWEI SupeCharge Turbo. HUAWEI nova 11 Pro can be fully charged in 20 minutes when the screen is off, or reach a 50% charge in only 15 minutes with the screen turned on. The nova 11 series also features a more power-efficient 4500 mAh large battery capacity, which provides a long-lasting battery life even with hours of use, providing a worry-free experience.

The HUAWEI nova Series also strives to give users a more durable screen for their smartphone. The HUAWEI nova 11 Pro comes with Huawei’s very own Kunlun Glass, giving your smartphone a much-needed 10 times boost in drop resistance compared with the last generation and saving you from frequent trips to the repair store.

Part of your identity

Your smartphone is a way of expressing yourself to the world, and choosing a smartphone from the HUAWEI nova Series shows your sense of style, innovation and originality.

The HUAWEI nova Series puts the power in your hands, allowing you to express yourself, explore limitless possibilities, and embrace diversity. It serves to amplify your voice and ensure you are heard.

Aligned with the expectations of young users, the HUAWEI nova Series DNA embodies three core pillars: innovation, a très chic appearance, and a clear identity. Among Huawei’s smartphones, the HUAWEI nova Series has always represented the youth. Look no further than the HUAWEI nova Series if you seek a smartphone that reflects your unique identity and empowers you to shape your world.

Power of iconic branding

A brand icon that is visually appealing, unique, and offers easily understandable insights into a product holds power. The birth of the HUAWEI nova icon exemplifies the brand’s commitment to becoming a definitive asset.

The HUAWEI nova Series icon creatively incorporates the four letters of “nova” – “n,” “o,” “v,” and “a.” The alphabets come together to illustrate a simple yet inspiring image. It features a seated person reaching out to a standing figure on its right in an embracing gesture – symbolising enthusiasm, tolerance, optimism, and vitality. The figure on the right embodies the forward-looking nature of nova – steady, confident, and standing tall. It reflects the fearlessness of the younger generation in displaying their unique charm and authentic selves.

Moreover, the logo represents the social attributes of young people, highlighting their willingness to support one another in achieving their goals. The HUAWEI nova Series’ descriptive logo captures the brand’s DNA, igniting a sense of optimism and confidence in its users while emphasising the power of community.

The success of the HUAWEI nova Series lies in its ability to resonate with young smartphone users, thanks to its unique brand identity. It has garnered popularity with its trend-setting design, impressive camera features, and smart functions. Huawei’s unwavering dedication to research, innovation, and providing an exceptional experience has established the nova Series as a strong contender in the smartphone industry for young users.

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