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X.com is now the new Twitter

While we are familiar with Elon Musk’s fascination with using the “X’ branding with his companies and products, such as the SpaceX manufacturer and the Tesla Model X car, the Twitter owner has now rebranded the social media company’s name and logo. It’s now called X.com, and the famous Twitter blue bird logo has been replaced with “X”.

It has been Elon’s plan to transform the platform into an application that features multiple services, including online shopping, Uber services, banking services, and more, as an all-in-one app like China’s WeChat. The X.com that we speak of here, used to be an online banking company that Elon Musk used to own, which was later merged with another company and became what we now know as PayPal. Right now, simply hitting X.com redirects to the Twitter website.

It all started when Elon tweeted about his plans to change the logo and asked his 149 million followers to submit ideas for a new “X” logo. And on July 23, 2023, he unveiled the new logo.

Within 24 hours, everything that had Twitter’s blue bird was replaced by the new “X” logo. And this includes the main hero logo on the top left of the website, the favicon of the page, and even Twitter employees Twitter badges changed to “X”.

Even the bluebird on the sign-up pages has been replaced with the new “X”. And Google shows X.com as Twitter’s new URL in search results.

We also noticed that the company name that handles the Twitter app on the PlayStore and AppStore has been changed to “X Corp”. While the Twitter owner did not mention any further plans yet, Linda Yaccarino, the Chief Executive Officer of Twitter, made a statement about the company’s new “X” rebranding.

And here is the new logo that is flashing on Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters every night.

There are still a few questions that need to be answered, such as: if Twitter is now called X.com, will tweets and Tweetdeck be renamed too? For now, let’s watch and see how Elon Musk transforms the platform in the coming years and introduces newer changes and features.

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