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PUBG Mobile launches off-road racing gameplay mode ahead of Asian Games

PUBG MOBILE has just launched a special Off-Road Racing gameplay mode, created to give players a thrilling and competitive experience ahead of the upcoming 19th Asian Games. Taking inspiration from high-octane, real-world sports like skydiving, off-roading and target shooting, the new mode puts reactions, teamwork, and resilience to the ultimate test!

Available in PUBG MOBILE beginning today, the new Off-Road Racing mode pits four teams of four against each other in a race unlike any other. Set on the Miramar map, players will participate in a multi-stage race, facing a variety of skill challenges at every step. Teams will start the race by skydiving into their starting positions before taking up the wheel for the Vehicle Racing Stage and driving through four ‘Check Stations’ before reaching the finish line. Maintaining the car’s balance and speed control will be key whilst teams strategies together to plan the optimal route for success.

Once reaching a Check Station, players will have their accuracy and reactions tested as they shoot down moving, flying and retracting targets to score enough points to advance. Players will need to pay close attention as some targets will be worth more points than others. The faster a team can clear a Check Station, the closer they will get to victory.

Speed is vital in this mode. Vehicle boosts can be earned by shooting roadside targets in-between Check Stations, enabling potentially nail-biting comebacks as teams make a dash for the finish line. The team that passes the finish line first will win.

Held every four years and recognised by the International Olympic Committee, the Asian Games attract the top athletes from across Asia.  In September 2023 and for the first time ever, competitors at the 19th Asian Games will go head to head in the specially designed PUBG MOBILE Asian Games Version, based on the Off-Road Racing gameplay mode, for a chance to take home the gold medal.

Players can try their hand at the Off-Road Racing gameplay mode in PUBG MOBILE now before cheering on the professional athletes as they compete in the 19th Asian Games next month. Those who take on the new mode will also earn bonus PUBG MOBILE in-game rewards!

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