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PFU (EMEA) launches new RICOH laser projectors at GITEX Global 2023

PFU (EMEA) – a RICOH company, has announced the launch of RICOH Laser Projectors in EMEA, the latest addition to its Smart Meeting Device category, and the first range of projectors from PFU. Available at the company’s stand at GITEX Global next week, the devices are designed to deliver versatile, visual impact to the growing 4K lumens and above projector segment.

Hiroaki Kashiwagi, President, and CEO of PFU (EMEA) said: “Collaboration and sharing ideas is pivotal to today’s workplace. Our family of projectors is a much-needed upgrade to the technical infrastructure required to enable productive meetings. We want to improve meeting engagement and productivity, by further enhancing the image quality to enable a premium viewing experience, for every situation – whether an informal chat between colleagues or presenting for a large conference.”

Sold through specialist AV resellers and through local distribution channels such as EMPA and Saudisoft, the new product range will comprise eight models grouped into four families. From compact projectors suitable for everyday use, to high power models for larger installations, and with brightness ratings ranging from 4,000 up to 9,600 lumens, these projectors offer high quality image resolution, even in brightly lit spaces. The four families are:

  • RICOH Compact Laser Projectors, portable projectors, suitable for everyday use
  • RICOH Standard and Short Throw Laser Projectors, include fixed and portable options, with the Short Throw capable of projecting a 60-inch image from under 60 cm away
  • RICOH Broad Use Laser Projector, a more powerful, highly adaptable projector, ideal for medium or larger spaces, and specialised surfaces
  • RICOH High End Laser Projectors, a high-power model for larger installations. Can project a 300 inch image from up to 13.06m away, or extremely large images if multiple units are combined

PFU’s participation at GITEX also celebrates the milestone of successful manufacturing and delivery of 15 million scanners to customers worldwide. Since its inception, PFU has been committed to pushing the boundaries of technology and delivering high-quality, innovative solutions that improve the productivity of our customers globally. This achievement is a testament to the dedication and expertise of the entire PFU team.

The new devices will be on display at GITEX GLOBAL (Concourse two, stand number CC2-17). Visitors will have the chance to experience the devices first hand and learn more about PFU’s offerings. The MSRP of the projectors are:

·         RICOH PJ WXL5860: 7240 AED

·         RICOH PJ WUL5860: 8198 AED

·         RICOH PJ WUL6670: 19203 AED

·         RICOH PJ WUL6680: 26530 AED

·         RICOH PJ WUL6690: 32800 AED

For more information and specifications on the RICOH Laser Projectors, visit https://www.pfu-emea.ricoh.com/en-gb/hardware/meeting-devices/#projectors

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