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HONOR to launch HONOR Magic V2 soon in UAE

HONOR, announces its plans to launch HONOR Magic V2 in the UAE market, marking a significant leap in foldable device technology. Pioneering advancements in design, display, and performance, HONOR Magic V2 is poised to set new benchmarks in the industry. Weighing just 231g and folding to a sleek 9.9mm, it epitomizes the perfect blend of portability and style. Significantly, the Magic V2 breaks the norm with its impressive 5000mAh battery, marking a groundbreaking achievement in the realm of foldable devices.

For the first time, HONOR has utilized titanium alloy in the hinge cover, an aerospace-grade material and a pioneering innovation in the hinge design of foldable smartphone industry. Titanium possesses the ideal balance between weight and strength, being lighter than aluminum and stronger than steel. It is a material that embodies the trifecta of ultra-lightness, ultra-toughness, and ultra-corrosion-resistance, making it the perfect alloy for a plethora of applications. 

After numerous verifications and tests conducted by the HONOR research and development team, it has been proven that when it comes to the hinge shaft cover part, the titanium alloy is a superior alternative to other conventional materials. Compared to the aluminum alloy shaft covers, the titanium alloy exhibits an impressive 150% higher strength, making it a much more desirable option material for a lightweight foldable smartphone.

The redesigned support structure of the hinge is significantly improved over its predecessor, with thickness reduced by an impressive 75% and the depth of fold marks on the inner screen reduced by 47%. Furthermore, unique to the HONOR Magic V2’s hinge, an advanced “brake caliper” damping structure comprised of seven set of cams – three set more than that of HONOR’s previous foldable – that provides a more stable and elegant experience with smooth opening and closing. Thanks to the addition of this component, the hinge enables an exceptional free hovering experience with different angles, enhancing user experiences with features like hover photography, hover movie viewing, and hover conferencing, among other practical applications.

Another latest breakthrough is HONOR’s self-developed micro lock, a connective component built with HONOR’s proprietary steel.  This minuscule component boasts a size equivalent to that of a mere grain of rice, and is 20 to 100 times smaller than its counterparts used in the previous HONOR foldable smartphone. This precision-manufactured, lightweight and robust component is perfectly suited to preventing screen misalignment and creases, ensuring optimal performance. 

In HONOR’s pursuit for absolute thinness, even inconspicuous components such as screws are innovated upon. Inside the Titanium Alloy Hinge, custom short screws are used to minimize the height of the hinge structure, and they do so without compromising the robustness of the mechanism.

HONOR’s proprietary micro lock, applied to the hinge components’ connections, represents a breakthrough in craftsmanship. The fusion of ultra-precise manufacturing techniques and robust materials effectively mitigates fold marks resulting from screen misalignments. Additionally, the custom high-precision nuts – the industry’s most accurate and compact nuts (0.75 x φ2.9mm) – offer a one-of-a-kind fastening solution for securing hinge components. This innovative fastening structure outperforms conventional nuts, optimizing space utilization within the device.

The traditional “three-layer stacked” screen driver architecture has long been a significant obstacle to putting large batteries in thin, light folding screen mobile phones. By incorporating a groundbreaking “three-in-one” display driver component, HONOR could use the additional internal space and fit a 5000mAh Silicon-carbon Battery within the HONOR Magic V2. Embedding a 5000mAh battery into such a slim and lightweight body is a testament to HONOR’s unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of technological innovation and engineering excellence, choosing the correct, challenging path to success.

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