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LG introduces a new line-up of smart monitors

LG Electronics (LG), a pioneer in technology and consumer-focused solutions, has announced it new range of smart monitors, that will focus on balancing productivity and entertainment, all through one device. The new devices will be launched celebrating International Computer Security Day, an ideal IT-focused holiday that highlights the importance of computers and digital security in our daily lives.

Celebrated on November 30th, International Computer Security Day was established in 1988 around the time when technological progress was booming, which also brought about new concerns for privacy and security. The holiday focuses on keeping data safe and secure, especially since computers today have complete access to our digital profile, banks, information, businesses and more. The launch of the smart monitors on this day is a testament to the role computers play in our daily life.

LG’s new range of smart monitors are the pinnacle of this new technological expansion, bringing together the immersive viewing experience of monitors, with the advanced smart features making it an ideal companion for productivity and entertainment.

The monitors will be available in two models, 32SR50F and 27SR50F and will come with a range of smart features thanks to its webOS23 functionality. This includes access to a range of streaming apps, personalized sports profiles and built-in Home Office software with support for productivity programs such as Microsoft 365 and Google Calendar.

This comes mainly from the implementation of webOS Hub 2.0S, which expands smart capabilities beyond smart TVs and includes smart monitors. The idea came from the increasing trend of a significant demand for smart monitors, which in turn presents greater hardware adaptability. webOS Hub 2.0S now comes with a Card App Home Hub & Music, granting access to an abundance of services with one remote click, including streaming apps and even access to IoT services. With webOS Hub 2.0S, users can easily stream music from Spotify, use Remote PC functionality for hybrid working or even take part in video calls with support for USB cameras. It is also compatible with Apple Home and AirPlay services, allowing users to control their smart home accessories and stream content through their Apple devices.

The launch of the new monitors aligns with LG’s beliefs of technological harmony, as these smart monitors bring together advanced features from smart TVs and monitors to create one beautiful amalgamation.

The range of LG smart monitors, available in two sizes of 32 and 27 inches will be available in December at select retailers and websites.

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