Tawasul launches hydrogen-powered smart taxi

Tawasul launches hydrogen-powered smart taxi

Tawasul Transport, a leading transport company, is collaborating with ADNOC, the Integrated Transport Center (ITC) and Al Futtaim Motors, which is all set to introduce the first green-hydrogen-powered smart taxi experience in Abu Dhabi.

Tawasul Transport and Al Futtaim Motors will provide the operational data, including kilometers driven, green hydrogen consumption, operating hours and clean refueling procedures. Adopting a transparent data-driven approach can improve operational efficiency while accelerating the integration of sustainable and innovative transport solutions.

The new-generation Toyota Mirai powered by hydrogen offers a 100% electric driving experience with best-in-class efficiency and zero emissions underlining Toyota’s commitment to achieving carbon neutrality and creating sustainable mobility for all.

The hydrogen-powered taxi will refuel at the region’s first high-speed green hydrogen pilot refueling station, located at Masdar City and operated by ADNOC Distribution.

The companies’ collaboration demonstrates their joint dedication to achieving high-energy efficiency and a sustainable transport sector in Abu Dhabi, as they are pivotal in optimizing the utilization of green-hydrogen-powered taxis.

Ghena Jbour, the General Manager of Tawasul Transport, said: “Embracing a green-hydrogen-powered future, not only signifies a commitment to eco-friendly transportation but also paves the way for a cleaner, greener tomorrow. As we ride the waves of innovation, our next steps involve expanding this fleet and inspiring a shift towards a more sustainable future. Tawasul envisions a world where mobility is synchronised with the environment, and these green hydrogen taxis is the first step towards achieving this bold vision. It shows our ongoing efforts to enhance services in accordance with the highest international standards, improve operational efficiency, and expedite the adoption of sustainable, safe, reliable, and intelligent transportation solutions within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.”

With the supervision of ITC, Tawasul Transport, which has been operating in the field of public transport for taxis in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi since 2007, has established itself as a distinguished provider of transport services whose goal is to boost Abu Dhabi’s status as a sustainable mobility hub by strategically managing taxi vehicle utilization at all times.