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HONOR reveals the winners of UAE National Day Photography Contest

In celebration of the UAE National Day, this year, the global technology brand HONOR, has joined forces with Hamdan International Photography Award (HIPA) for a captivating photography contest. The competition centered around the theme of showcasing the UAE’s rich heritage. Participants were encouraged to use their lenses to capture the essence of the country’s cultural diversity.

The 1st winner Christopher Comeso beautifully captured an Emirati lady weaving palm leaf, showcasing the beauty and intricacy of traditional craftsmanship. The 2nd winner Mohamed El Sayed Roumya shared an impressive image capturing an Emirati man in the art of crafting a fishing net, preserving, and celebrating the traditional skills passed down through generations, while the 3rd winner Seham Mohammed AlFarsi offered a glimpse into the cultural practices that form the foundation of UAE society.

In recognition of their outstanding photographic prowess, the winners of the contest, whose images artfully captured the cultural richness of the UAE, were honored with HONOR devices as prestigious gifts. These devices, synonymous with cutting-edge technology, symbolize HONOR’s appreciation for their exceptional skills and the invaluable contribution.

“We are excited about our partnership with HIPA for this photography competition, providing a platform where photographers’ artistry converges to narrate the story of the UAE’s rich heritage.” Mr. Mafeijian (Mr. House), The General Manager of HONOR GCC. “This initiative pays homage to the diverse and captivating aspects of the UAE’s cultural wealth while emphasizing the pivotal role of cutting-edge camera capabilities in preserving and immortalizing these precious moments.”

The photography competition witnessed an overwhelming success, marked by many submissions. The response surpassed expectations, with many participants contributing their artistic perspectives.

H.E Ali Bin Thalith, Secretary General of the Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Award, said “We are pleased with our cooperation with HONOR to highlight the diverse artistry of the Emirati heritage, highlighting the uniqueness of our history and providing photographers with the opportunity to flex their talent. We congratulate all the winners, thank all the participants in the competition, and invite all photographers to get involved in HIPA’s ongoing competitions.”

In conjunction with the competition, HONOR Arabia provided a variety of educational content on its social media platforms, complementing the photography competition. These materials were crafted to showcase not only the historical beauty of the UAE but also its remarkable advancements in technology.


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