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V-COLOR and MSI introduces Manta DDR5 XFinity MPOWER memory

V-Color Technology announced their collaboration with MSI, resulting in the creation of the Manta DDR5 XFinity MPOWER a dynamic memory series that achieves speeds of up to 8400, seamlessly combining the prowess and innovation of both companies. Engineered for overclocking, this new series is ready to deliver top performance and exceptional endurance.

The DDR5 Manta XFinity MPOWER is developed with overclocking in mind, providing top-tier performance and endurance, catering to the needs of PC enthusiasts and high-performance consumers. In addition to its superior performance, this series has a sleek and modern design with a heatsink ideal for dissipating high temperatures, adding a touch of style to any system. With 16 LEDs enhanced technology, it delivers smooth, vivid lighting effects with a focus on personalization and performance.

Beating the benchmarks:
The new XFinity MPOWER has already been put to the test in conjunction with the new MSI mpower motherboard, and the test results are as follows.

  • DDR5 48 GB (2x 24 GB) 8400 MHz CL40-52-52-130 Kit Configuration
  • DDR5 48 GB (2x 24 GB) 8200 MHz CL40-52-52-128 Kit Configuration
  • DDR5 32 GB (2x 16 GB) 8200 MHz CL38-48-48-128 Kit Configuration

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