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Honor announces the the Magic6 Pro at LEAP 2024

During the LEAP 2024 event, Global technology brand HONOR announces the first regional launch of its flagship phone Magic6 Pro in Riyadh. Ray Guo, CMO of HONOR Device Co., Ltd., delivered a keynote speech on the mainstage of one of the world’s foremost technology events to introduce the smartphone with platform-level AI empowered human-centric experiences. Guo highlighted HONOR’s confidence in the future prospects of Saudi Arabia market and commitment to high quality local development.

“HONOR is proud to share our prospects for the future of AI on smart devices at LEAP and unveil how AI can create a more tailored and intuitive user experience that put us on the path to a new intelligent world that serves everyone.”  said Ray Guo, CMO of HONOR Device Co., Ltd. “Following LEAP 2024’s theme of ‘Into New Worlds’, we wish to illuminate the next frontier of platform-level smart AI powered by human-centric intent-based AI and cross OS collaboration.”

HONOR has accelerated its business expansion in the UAE, reaching key milestones through the introduction of innovative products and enhanced services, particularly within the past year. At the Fortune Global Forum 2023 in Abu Dhabi, HONOR shared their insights about the development of foldable smartphones. As a leading player in the technology sector, HONOR brings to the forum a wealth of expertise, groundbreaking solutions, and a forward-thinking vision that resonates with the event’s focus on the future.

The launch of the HONOR Magic V2 marks a major milestone in the brand’s mission to redefine the smartphone experience, especially for entrepreneurs, positioning it as the ultimate choice for business-minded individuals, thanks to its cutting-edge advancements. To empower entrepreneurs and content creators with the HONOR Magic V2, HONOR took part in the prestigious 1 Billion Followers Summit, showcasing a signature booth with an engaging and interactive experience. This allowed attendees to experience HONOR’s cutting-edge technology and innovative offerings.

Upon its launch, the HONOR Magic V2, recognized as the thinnest and lightest foldable phone, experienced huge success among consumers in the UAE. This achievement not only highlights the brand’s commitment to delivering exceptional products and services but also reflects its deep understanding of the local consumers’ needs and preferences. HONOR Magic V2 offers a diverse range of top-tier features across design, display, battery life, and performance, setting a new benchmark in the industry. These milestones reflect our strong commitment to continue our mission of delivering our best products and services to consumers in UAE,” noted Guo in his keynote.

Discover the Magic of AI with HONOR Magic6 Pro         

HONOR recently launched its newest OS system, MagicOS 8.0, on the HONOR Magic6 Pro, its latest flagship smartphone with fully integrated platform-level AI and the industry’s first intent-based user interface (IUI) launching to consumers in Saudi Arabia this month. Standout features include Magic Portal, an intent-based shortcut recommendation feature that lets users seamlessly switch and access services between apps and devices with a single swipe, and MagicLM, HONOR’s proprietary on-device large language model with seven billion parameters, working within MagicOS to improve understanding of user intention on a platform level to improve user experience. Its newest system is compatible with HONOR Notes and Parallel spaces, as well as 100 major apps globally.

The HONOR Magic6 Pro’s upgraded Falcon Camera System also leverages AI to empower users to capture fast movements with intricate detail. Thanks to an upgraded AI capture algorithm, the HONOR AI Motion Sensing Capture predicts and captures decisive moments in ultra-high definition effortlessly.

Upgraded All-scenario AI Advancements in Human-Device Interaction

2024 will bring a wave of AI breakthroughs that see technology companies leveraging AI to meet consumer needs in innovative new ways. HONOR has led this wave by bringing AI to MagicOS and introducing the industry’s first platform level intent-based UI (IUI), incorporating a new kernel to create a new UI. Collaborating with global industry leaders, HONOR established an interconnected ecosystem empowered by AI to link devices from smartphones to PCs, providing users with a cross-device, cross-application, and cross-ecosystem experience.

Powerful Performance Driven by Cross Industry Innovation

The HONOR Magic6 Pro is powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 Mobile Platform, bringing a 30% improvement in CPU performance and a 25% increase GPU performance to the new devices. Thanks to the Qualcomm® AI Engine, the AI features on the HONOR Magic6 Pro are supported with exceptional fluency and stability, achieving a remarkable 98% improvement as compared to previous models.

Recognizing the growing importance of battery life for users who rely on their devices for prolonged usage, HONOR is bringing the all-new HONOR Second-generation Silicon-carbon Battery with HONOR E1, a battery management chipset for energy efficiency enhancement, to the HONOR Magic6 Pro. The 5600 mAh demonstrates exceptional low-temperature performance, users can play the YouTube video for 81 minutes at -20°C with just 10% battery level remaining. In addition, with its 80W HONOR Wired SuperCharge and 66W HONOR Wireless SuperCharge, users can charge up the HONOR Magic6 Pro to 100% in only 40 minutes, enabling the busiest users to swiftly charge their devices on the move.

Establishing the excellence of the HONOR Magic6 Pro’s advanced battery technology, the device received a distinguished 1st place in DXOMARK global battery ranking with a top score of 157. Also, with the first five DXOMARK labels awarded in 2024, the HONOR Magic6 Pro represents outstanding camera, audio, display, battery and selfie capabilities.

Unmatched Display with HONOR NanoCrystal Shield

Featuring the industry’s most drop-resistant screen glass to date, the HONOR Magic6 Pro races ahead with improvements in display drop resistance. Verified by SGS’s Five Star Overall Glass Drop Resistance Ability certification in multiple scenarios, the display employs advanced materials with a 50% improvement in crystal density, which enhances its shock absorption capabilities by up to 10 times compared to regular glass.

Pricing and Availability

The HONOR Magic6 Pro will be available in Black and Epi Greenfor pre-order in UAE market from March 22, 2024, and can be purchased through hihonor,Emax, Jumbo,Sharaf DG, , Etisalat, Amazon & Noon.

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