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Gllit launches commission-free property search platform

Dubai-based proptech startup Gllit launched a groundbreaking end-to-end property search platform, offering house hunters, property sellers, and landlords the choice of eliminating costly commission fees when buying, selling, or renting property. Gllit is the first Dubai-based firm to introduce a commission-free platform for real estate transactions in the Emirate.

In a market where various add-ons and hidden fees can majorly inflate property prices, Gllit directly connects homebuyers and tenants with property sellers and landlords, significantly reducing the financial burden on all parties by cutting out commission costs entirely, while making transactions more efficient and transparent.

Arijit Sen, Gllit co-founder, said: “It’s about consumer empowerment. Gllit’s commission-free model empowers homebuyers and tenants with more choices than ever before. It fills a gap in the market where homebuyers, tenants, sellers, and landlords can interact freely and in a more transparent way without the constraints of commission fees. We are excited to finally introduce this groundbreaking concept and give people more freedom and greater leverage when searching for their dream homes.”

Smriti Tripathi, Gllit co-founder, added: “The groundbreaking commission-free approach is a potential game-changer in Dubai’s real estate market. But beyond its innovative property search features, our vision is to build a community around Gllit where everyone can easily find or list a property, build meaningful connections, engage in transparent, genuine conversations, and ultimately get the best deals direct from property owners.”

Benefits for homebuyers and tenants
Gllit facilitates direct interaction with property owners and landlords, leading to a more transparent and personalised property search experience, and ultimately better deals.

Gllit offers a full range of real estate services, including access to dedicated mortgage, legal, insurance, and property advisers, allowing homebuyers and tenants to initiate certain key activities on the site. Moreover, the site’s intelligent property search algorithm allows users to easily find relevant properties that match their specific requirements and preferences.

Designed to provide support in every step of the journey, Gllit also offers free tools such as a savings and a mortgage calculator, video call/ virtual tour scheduler, viewing scheduler, chat, and a virtual helpdesk and resource centre for documentation and paperwork requirements.

Benefits for property sellers and landlords
Property sellers and landlords also benefit from significant cost savings as Gllit does not collect commission or listing fees to register or add properties to the site. Listing properties on Gllit is fast and easy, taking only an average of five minutes using a dedicated user-friendly dashboard.

Sellers and landlords have access to various tools to help them effectively showcase their properties and engage with buyers, including video call and chat tools, property viewing planner, and an image editor to easily enhance photos on the site. Privacy of the homeowner is paramount and contact details can only be divulged by the owner himself.

Gllit said it will be launching more value-added features on the site and also announced that it is in the process of discussing partnerships with major developers and property management companies for exclusive property listings across key areas and communities in Dubai.


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