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Acer showcases its updated gaming PCs and Monitor at Intel Extreme Masters

Acer, the official global PC and monitor partner for the Intel Extreme Masters (IEM), showcased a new line up of official Predator IEM PCs and monitor to fans during the flagship event in Katowice, Po...

Acer’s Predator Devices debut at Intel Extreme Masters championship

Acer, the official global PC partner for the Intel Extreme Masters, went big during the series signature event in Katowice with the launch of the Official Predator IEM PC range. The Intel Extreme Mast...

ESL and Acer extend their partnership for Intel Extreme Masters

World’s largest esports company, ESL today announced a three-year partnership extension with Acer, which designates Acer as the official global partner for all four Intel Extreme Masters events season...

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