Kaspersky unveils mobile cybersecurity video game

Kaspersky has released a new, story-rich, mobile cybersecurity quest titled [Dis]connected. The interactive adventure is a dive into the dai...[Read More]

How to secure a startup

From 2020 being dubbed ‘the year of the side hustle’ to small businesses grappling to maintain continuity and profitability, despite these u...[Read More]

Be extra cautious for Black Friday shopping this year

Despite the negative impact the hard lockdown has had on global economy, the annual Black Friday retail sales tradition is expected to remai...[Read More]

Kaspersky races ahead with partnership with Ferrari

The decade-old partnership between Kaspersky and Scuderia Ferrari grew further stronger, with Kaspersky providing Ferrari with a complete ra...[Read More]

Kaspersky new feature protects children from risky content on YouTube

Kaspersky has introduced the Safe Search in YouTube feature to its Kaspersky Safe Kids solution, which will help alleviate parents’ worries ...[Read More]

Kaspersky Total Security suite available for free

Given the cyber security risks involved with remote working, Kaspersky is offering its Kaspersky Total Security suite – aimed to provide com...[Read More]

How to keep your smartphone free from coronavirus

Smartphones are always covered in bacteria, but viruses can also survive there, including COVID-19. Kaspersky explain how to properly disinf...[Read More]

How to shop safely on Singles’ Day?

Kaspersky researchers have reported on a sharp increase in fraudulent activities around e-commerce during an active sales period in Asian co...[Read More]

Kaspersky’s Secur’IT Cup 2019 open for submissions

Kaspersky is calling for young talent to take part in Secur’IT Cup 2019 – an international competition for ambitious students to work on fre...[Read More]

Technology results in relationship rifts

Technology has transformed how we live our lives, but it has come at more than just a financial cost for many of us. A new Kaspersky survey ...[Read More]

Smartwatches can spy on you

A new research by Kaspersky Labs show that smartwatches can spying on their owners, by collecting silent accelerometer and gyroscope signals...[Read More]

Do You Make Bad Password Decisions?

Internet users across the globe are yet to master how to use passwords effectively to protect themselves online. Research from Kaspersky Lab...[Read More]

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