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Kaspersky and UAE’s NASR Esports extend their collaboration

Kaspersky and UAE-based NASR Esports extended their strategic collaboration to elevate cybersecurity literacy among gamers. This ongoing collaboration is part of Kaspersky’s global “Fearless Gaming” initiative which aims to support esports organizations and educate gamers about protecting themselves online and offline.

The collaboration serves as a platform to educate gamers on the importance of cybersecurity to secure themselves and their expensive PCs, in-game assets, confidential data and more—all without any performance loss or interruptions. The partnership includes participation in specialized events, multi-channel digital content series, and features the Kaspersky brand mark on the jersey of the NASR Esports team.

According to Kaspersky experts, cybercriminals exploited popular game titles and launched more than 7 million attacks targeting children in 2022. Vulnerabilities exist in every piece of software, in-game assets such as data and online currency, that can be capitalized by cybercriminals for data breach, identity theft, phishing scams and more. Unattended hardware too can open a gateway for cyber exploitation and bullying. This ongoing collaboration between Kaspersky and NASR Esports focuses on equipping gamers across all age-groups with the right knowledge, best practices and solutions to game fearlessly and fend off malicious tactics that can put them at risk.

Lalit Vase, Founder and CEO at NASR Esports, expressed his enthusiasm for joining the Kaspersky Fearless Gaming family and emphasized the importance of cybersecurity awareness in the gaming community. He stated, ” Our primary goal is to nurture gaming talent and provide them with the ideal platform to thrive. However, to truly empower them as champions, it is crucial to ensure their protection on all fronts. Cybersecurity stands as a top priority, particularly in the world of esports, and we are determined to address this imperative through our partnership.”

Rob Langford, Head of Brand Partnerships at Kaspersky, said “Protecting digital privacy, especially among young gamers has become a major concern for parents and within the gaming community. In fact, the more experienced the player, the more sophisticated attacks he or she faces. Improving cybersecurity awareness at all levels is key to put an end to these concerns. This is exactly what we want to achieve through our collaboration with NASR Esports. The ultimate goal of Kaspersky’s “Fearless Gaming” campaign is to safeguard gamers in the view of growing unknown cyberthreats.”

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