Manish Bakshi

BenQ Ranks As The No. 1 Projector & Interactive Flat Panel Brand In The UAE And Middle East For Q3 2021

BenQ is one of the leading visual display brand that provides world-class display solutions to customers across the globe. With their consis...[Read More]

Major eSports clubs attend BenQ tournament

BenQ recently curated a exhibition tournament for Valorant and Fortnite that was attended by Geekay eSports, YaLLa eSports, Venomy eSports, ...[Read More]

BenQ launches world’s first smart portable projector with 2.1-channel Bluetooth speakers

BenQ today announced the launch of GV30, the world’s first smart portable projector available with 2.1-channel Bluetooth speakers, offering ...[Read More]

BenQ DuoBoard is now VMware Ready interactive display

BenQ, recently announced that the BenQ DuoBoard have become the first-large format interactive display to achieve the VMware Ready for End-U...[Read More]

BenQ ranks No.1 Interactive Flat Panel brand in the UAE

BenQ announce that they have been crowned the No.1 Interactive Flat Panel Brand in the UAE, after achieving a 32.90% SoM in the IFP segment ...[Read More]

BenQ announces K-12 Blended Education Solution

BenQ recently announced its K-12 Blended Education Solution that helps teachers, in-class students and remote students to share the continui...[Read More]

BenQ launches EW3280U in UAE

BenQ, recently unveiled their latest monitor for next-gen console gaming and graphics in the UAE. With intelligent optimization and audio, t...[Read More]

BenQ RP02 Series of Interactive Flat Panels (IFPs) for classrooms unveiled

BenQ, unveiled its latest RP02 Series of Interactive Flat Panels (IFPs) for classrooms that equip with Advanced ClassroomCare Technologies, ...[Read More]

BenQ launches new wireless mini portable projector

BenQ launches its latest wireless mini portable projector, BenQ GS2, which company claims can be an excellent ally for families as they embr...[Read More]

BenQ captures the largest market share for the second year in UAE

BenQ, retained its position as the Most Popular 4K Projector Brand in the UAE, capturing the largest market share for the second year in a r...[Read More]

BenQ launches latest smart projectors for classrooms

BenQ, launches their latest smart projectors for classrooms, EX800ST and EW800ST- the first ever android based education projectors to featu...[Read More]

BenQ launches Smart Projector and DuoBoard designed for Smart Workplace

BenQ showcased a new series of display products including a Smart Projector and DuoBoard Interactive Flat Panel at “More Than Connection” la...[Read More]

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