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Snap launches Ray Tracing for ultra-realistic AR experiences

Snap has announced the launch of Ray Tracing, a new feature in Lens Studio that will allow for ultra-realistic AR experiences. Snap is also the first company to offer Ray Tracing on mobile devices, at...

Snap unveils its new dual camera feature

Snap has announced the availability of its newest and highly-anticipated feature – Dual Camera on the Snapchat platform. The new Dual Camera mode will enable Snapchatters to create content using their...

Snapchat unveils its new AR Game: Ghost Phone

Snapchat has launched “Ghost Phone” – a new AR Game on the platform. Built by Snap, Ghost Phone is an interactive experience where players must discover the secrets of an abandoned phone and solve the...

Snap launches dynamic travel ads

Snap has announced the launch of Dynamic Travel Ads, a new ad product for advertisers in the travel industry, just in time for the summer travel season.

Snap brings over 70 shows to Snapchat this Ramadan

Snap Inc. has announced an exciting line-up of its Ramadan Shows, as Snapchatters in the region continue to watch increasing content on the platform during the Holy Month.

Snap introduces new shopping experience with AR Lenses

Snap recently announced the rollout of Catalog-powered Shopping Lenses, a major upgrade to AR shopping, to make AR shopping simpler and more engaging for consumers, and easier to build, scale, and opt...

Snap launches new entertainment platform, Spotlight

Snap has launched its new entertainment platform Spotlight in markets across the MENA region, enabling its audience of approximately 75 million users in the region to now shine a light on the most ent...

Gismart and Snap announces the launch of Crazy Run

Gismart and Snap have announced a multi-game, cross-platform partnership to globally launch Gismart’s second game on Snapchat, Crazy Run, and integrate Bitmoji into Gismart’s games, starting with Perf...

Snapchatters are global and future-forward generation

Snap Inc. has released a new study highlighting how Snapchatters in the region are adopting new behaviors and values that are changing the world today. With a monthly addressable reach of 67 million u...

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