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Snapchat unveils its new AR Game: Ghost Phone

Snapchat has launched “Ghost Phone” – a new AR Game on the platform. Built by Snap, Ghost Phone is an interactive experience where players must discover the secrets of an abandoned phone and solve the supernatural mystery of what happened to Lisa, the previous owner – ultimately arriving face-to-face with malicious AR spirits!

Using surface recognition, the spooky Ghost Phone Lenses bring gameplay into the user’s environment, prompting them to get up and move to collect phantom energy within the phone and bust ghosts.

Ghost Phone introduces a new genre of narrative gameplay that blends Snap’s AR scan technology with games on the platform for the first time. Scan is Snap’s AR technology that helps Snapchatters discover and understand the world around them in the fastest and easiest way possible with its Camera.


It joins a suite of nearly 100 Minis offering Snapchatters a fun way to play games, create experiences with friends, and find useful tools on Snapchat. Since its launch in 2019, more than 300 million Snapchatters have used Games and Minis. Other Games and Minis include experiences built by HBO Max, Headspace, Poshmark, Voodoo, Zynga and more.

The game was built using Snap’s own technology – its web-first game engine, Playcanvas, and Lens Studio to leverage Snap’s world-scan technology to create the spooky Lenses. The game will be available in 10 languages, including Arabic.

Here’s how you can play ‘Ghost Phone’:

  • Open your Snapchat and search “found phone” in Lens Explorer, or look for a mysterious icon behind the Rocket in Chat.
  • Decode the password to power on the Ghost Phone.
  • Find clues within text messages and data.
  • Unlock spooky Camera Modes and look around to capture different types of AR ghosts.
  • Level up to uncover apps and data to reveal more clues, Camera Modes and ghosts and discover what happened to Lisa.

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