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Samsung launches new OLED TV

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies today announced the launch of the Curved OLED TV, the very first curved TV to hit UAE stores.

The TV marks a new level in innovation that delivers immaculate true-to-life pictures from any angle due to its unique arched display and innovative features.

Vinod Nair, General Manager CTV Business of Samsung Gulf Electronics commented: “Samsung is dedicated to developing innovative TV solutions, beyond what consumers could expect or even imagine. With its curved screen and its compatibility with Samsung’s Evolution Kit, we believe that the Curved OLED TV truly pioneers a new era of TV viewing. We are proud to be able to bring this groundbreaking product to the UAE market, offering our consumers the most immersive experience available combined with flawless picture quality.”

The Curved OLED TV, which will be available for a price tag of AED 32,999, boasts 20% richer color reproduction and 50% sharper contrast compared to other high definition products offering a crisp and clear viewing experience for the whole family. State-of-the-art technology such as the Multi View feature also sets the Curved OLED TV apart and gives viewers the opportunity to watch two different programs simultaneously on the one screen.

OLED panels consist of thousands of self-emitting diodes that deliver richer and brighter images compared to current TVs. The Curved OLED TV also boasts exceptionally fast response times that virtually eliminate motion blur and crosstalk.

Self-emitting pixels are laid directly on the color display panel meaning no color filter is required and absolute blacks and pure whites are created without the need for backlighting.

Leveraging its expertise in display technology, Samsung has optimized the picture quality of the Curved OLED TV to deliver a comfortable viewing experience with unbeatably rich colors and crystal clear images.

Inspired by the oval-shape of a grand spectator arena, the display of the Curved OLED TV sits within a curved premium metal frame. This panoramic design immerses viewers in a life like image that means no corner of the screen is ever out of focus. Consumers will enjoy the Curved OLED TV for its immersive panorama effect, which is currently not possible with conventional flat-panels TVs.

The premium metallic frame adds a touch of style and sophistication to any setting. The ‘Timeless Arena’ design provides a floating canvas for OLED’s true-to-life colors, absolute blacks and pure whites. A single cable for all connections reduces clutter and completes the minimalistic design with a “Clean Back” finish.

When watching captivating content such as vast landscapes and stunning scenes from nature on the Curved OLED TV, they will feel like they are surrounded by the beautiful scenery.

The Curved OLED TV also offers exclusive features such as Multi View and Evolution Kit. Multi View allows two viewers to watch two completely different full-screen Full-HD content, even in 3D, on the same display. This innovative feature is enabled by Samsung’s 3D Active glasses, which come with built-in personal speakers providing crisp, stereo sound.

The lightweight glasses isolate one program at a time for uninterrupted viewing and allow the wearer to switch between the two sources with the touch of a button, without changing glasses. All models will be Evolutionary TVs allowing consumers to easily update hardware and software via an Evolution Kit so that they can stay up-to-date with the latest Samsung innovations.

Samsung’s Curved OLED TV also incorporates the latest Samsung Smart TV features like the new Smart Hub interface, which organizes entertainment and content into three convenient panels: Social, Apps as well as Photos, Videos and Music.

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