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Dubai Taxi Corporation launches Windows 8 mobile application

In-line with the transformation of Dubai to a ‘Smart City’, Dubai Taxi Corporation of Roads and Transport Authority (red-roof) is pre-launching a mobile phone application running on the Windows 8 platform that helps users with hearing disability to communicate with a taxi driver through text in both English and Arabic. Travelers using the application can show directions through sign icons on the app, and the app functionality allows the conversion of text to voice and Windows phone speaks out the text to the driver. The application also has taxi booking, journey tracking, feedback form and fare calculation, which all taxi users can benefit from.

Speaking at the launch event held during Gitex earlier today, Mr. Ahmed Mohammed Al Hammadi Acing CEO of Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC), said: “DTC is honored to launch a service customized for the hearing impaired where it will allow them to travel & communicate comfortably with our taxis. Microsoft has done an excellent job in making the application easy and very friendly to use. Our relationship with Microsoft will not stop here and we look forward to adding more customized services for other special needs services.”

Commenting on the application, Samer Abu Ltaif-Regional General Manager at Microsoft Gulf, said : “At Microsoft Gulf, we know that technology plays a unique role in empowering user-experience and simplifying day-to-day activities. We believe that this Application will help facilitate the exchange of information for Dubai Taxi Corporation users with hearing disabilities, and through the natural interface of Windows, they will be able to communicate better with their surroundings. We know this App is an important step in supporting the plan of transforming Dubai to a Smart City, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dubai Taxi Corporation and the Community Development Authority for the partnership around this initiative.”

The application is available for people with hearing disabilities within the portfolio of Dubai Taxi Corporation applications where the user can request a taxi and choose his part of the list of destinations and then guide the driver acoustically during the journey. The application also includes images of popular destinations and landmarks across Dubai, such as malls and hospitals that can be used to guide the taxi drivers to the desired destination. For more information around Microsoft Gulf’s participation at Gitex this year, please visit: http://www.microsoft.com/gulf/gitex/

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