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Motorola launches budget smartphone Moto G

Google has announced a budget smartphone called Moto G, amied at emerging smartphone markets.

The Moto G will pack a quad-core processor, a sharp 4.5-inch display and plenty of colour options for an unsubsidized price of $179. That makes it significantly less expensive than other top-tier smartphones or even midrange phones, such as Motorola’s recent flagship release the Moto X, which is $500 at full price.

The Moto G features a design similar to the Moto X, and will also share that phone’s philosophy of customization. Motorola did not say how much customers will be able to customize the Moto G, but the new phone comes with a back plate that can swapped for different colours.

[youtube id=”VunSqD1MOjE” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Customers can also opt for a flip-cover plate, which has a magnetic flap that goes over the front of the screen, or a more rugged plate with rubber grips. The phone’s 4.5-inch screen is capable of displaying high-definition video, but only at 720p, not at the better 1020p standard found in leading smartphones.

The move is an effort to pursue emerging smartphone markets, which are vital to any company looking to expand. The phone also has a recent processor from Qualcomm and runs a recent version of Google’s operating system, Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. The newest version, 4.4 or Kit Kat, is promised by January next year. Kit Kat was designed to work well with older phones and the latest devices alike.

In addition, the Moto G will also come with an extra 50GB of space on Google Drive for two years. Motorola has said its Motorola Migrate feature will make it a breeze for users to transfer call logs, texts and other information from Android phones to the Moto G.

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