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Bahrain’s VIVA launches 4G LTE network

VIVA Bahrain, the kingdom’s market-leading telecom company, has launched a new 4G long-term evolution (LTE) mobile service. The 4G network is set to reach a speed of up to 100 mbps and will have the widest network coverage across Bahrain, allowing customers to live stream, download and enjoy real-time videos.

VIVA’s CEO, Ulaiyan Al Wetaid, says: “The launch of the 4G LTE network is one our biggest achievements, aimed at providing our customers with the best broadband experience possible.”

It was also the first telecom company in Bahrain to introduce the 42 mbps high-speed packet access (HSPA+) network, “making it the fastest mobile broadband for home, business and mobile users”.

The 4G LTE service will be available with a highly flexible quality of service (QoS) feature for business customers. With an advanced bandwidth on an efficient and consistent network, it will provide a super high-speed experience that can be accessed even during peak usage times, which usually causes network traffic by slowing the service down.

VIVA customers can enjoy the services of the 4G LTE network for free from January 6 until the end of February 2014, after which the service will be available as an add on for just BHD5.

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