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Microsoft re-issues Surface Pro 2 updates

This is going to be a good news for company’s fans and its tablet users. Microsoft has launched latest Surface Pro 2 update afresh and there are no battery issue this time.

In December 2013 the software giant had received backlash from many people who had gone for Surface Pro 2 firmware update that it had launched at that time. People faced numerous problems as failed installation and serious issues with the battery life of their devices and many other issues came to the fore. The company was so much criticised for the firmware update that it pulled down the update and said that it was withdrawing it from the market.

Now the Redmond company has finally come out with the revised update and earliest reports suggest that it doesn’t come with the bogey of the past. So far many users who got the update suggest that it has uploaded well on their tablets and that they haven’t faced any issue either in installation or in the battery life of their handsets.

The company that had a complete stranglehold over the PC or rather software market till very recently is facing brickbats for numerous products it has launched. This includes its much criticised Windows 8 operating system that has failed to enthuse the market notwithstanding the company launching an update in the form of Windows 8.1.

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