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Bittorrent relaunches its apps with a focus on legal content

Bittorrent has revealed the latest steps in its quest to see its peer-to-peer Bittorrent protocol become viewed as a legitimate internet application.
It has unveiled new versions of both Bittorrent and µtorrent, along with a new Android app.

Central to the new protocol versions and apps is the integration of Bittorrent Bundle, the direct-to-fan download bundles that allow music artists to release their music to fans outside the constraints of an online MP3 store or streaming service. Users now have the option to set new bundles to download automatically, giving them access to thousands of new titles as they become available.

The Android app has also been rebuilt with a new user interface and the capability to select downloads within a Bittorrent feed, as well as the ability to choose the download location. All the apps have been redesigned to allow for more regular updating with quicker builds and releases.

Annabell Satterfield, senior product marketing manager for Bittorrent Core Products said, “We care about our client users’ experience, and we’re finding ways to get them what they’ve been asking for. For mobile users, we added simple, at-a-glance progress indicators, one-click access to download details, and file management features.

“For desktop users, we’re providing licensed content from partners like Moby and Madonna – from the get-go. These new updates will let us optimize the client experience for our desktop users as quickly as we do for mobile users, and with fewer interruptions.”

Bittorrent Bundle, which has already had artists including Moby and Public Enemy releasing content, is using the relaunch of its apps to further distance itself from the seedy world of illegal filesharing as it crosses the threshold of 60 million downloads of over two million legal titles.
Bittorrent has already hinted at some further enhancements in the weeks to come with the possibility of paid content in the future, which will surely make the major music recording labels sit up and take notice.

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