Pfizer launches IUdo app for helping patients in Qatar

Pfizer has launched an innovative digital platform, IUdo for the eligible patients in Qatar. The mobile app is designed to make it easier fo...[Read More]

Etisalat launches GoChat Messenger in the UAE

Etisalat UAE today announced the launch of GoChat Messenger, an all-in-one free voice and video calling app, giving customers the flexibilit...[Read More]

Playbook app launched to navigate over 1,200 things to do in Dubai

Playbook, the ultimate navigator for all food & beverage offers and experiences in the city, officially launches with a selection of ove...[Read More]

Selfdrive launches all-in-one Smart Mobility App

Selfdrive, an entity of Pinewoods Tech Serve has launched an all-in-one Smart Mobility App. The app is serving as a game-changer for the car...[Read More]

ZNAP, the cashback mobile app launched in the UAE

ZNAP, the first of its kind cashback mobile application is launched in the UAE. ZNAP has a host of features that provide advantages of both ...[Read More]

Sennheiser makes it easy to set up wireless microphone system

Wireless is meant to make things easier. It gives you freedom to perform. It makes set-up times faster. But for many musicians who are their...[Read More]

Newly launched app, Ask Legal offers legal advice at minimal cost

UAE Residents can now access expert legal advice at their fingertips with the newly launched app, Ask Legal. It allows them to navigate the ...[Read More]

Panasonic firmware updates offers outstanding performance for its new wireless headphones

Panasonic has released firmware update programs for the RZ-S500W and RZ-S300W, two recently-launched wireless headphones, along with an appl...[Read More]

What to do with unused apps?

Jake Moore, Cyber Security Specialist for ESET explains the benefit of deleting your Houseparty – or any other unused – account, rather than...[Read More]

A chatting app spying on users

ESET researchers have discovered a new operation within a long-running cyber-espionage campaign in the Middle East, apparently with links to...[Read More]

Express more, Create more with Likee’s in-app features

The online short videos platform has brought opportunities for millions across the region to showcase their creativity, engage with like-min...[Read More]

Dolby On is now available across the region

Musicians and content creators today don’t have an easy way to capture great sound. Dolby On- a free, music and video recording and streamin...[Read More]

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