ZNAP, the cashback mobile app launched in the UAE

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ZNAP, the cashback mobile app launched in the UAE

ZNAP, the first of its kind cashback mobile application is launched in the UAE. ZNAP has a host of features that provide advantages of both saving and earning at the same time for users. This newly launched app is designed to run on any smartphone so that customers can avail the benefits with utmost ease and in the process make the experience a gratifying one.

The ZNAP merchant portfolio currently boasts over 200 outlets across food and beverage, health & fitness, entertainment, and a whole lot more. ZNAP has exclusive and hard-to-resist offers on everything ranging from your favourite restaurants, grooming spots, pet care, sports facilities, fashion brands, beauty brands, and everyday essentials.

ZNAP offers a unique chance for customers to bag irresistible deals and for brands to learn and interact with the consumers directly who have purchased their products or availed their services.

The app offers users the advantage to earn back cash on their actual spend with any of their registered merchants of up to 50%. The cash is safely retained on the application and can be utilized upon the next visit.

Since its launch, the application has welcomed users from all walks of life, both the male and female population who are on the lookout for offers, discounts, and venues where they can stretch their dirhams. The number of registered users is growing with each passing day and the product has been received very well on both ends – brands and consumers – who love this unanimously as it’s the easiest channel to save, interact, and communicate one-on-one between the brands and consumers as opposed to the traditional coupon, deals, and offer process that has been in vogue.

How does ZNAP work?

Signing up to the app is as simple as 1,2,3. All you need is a smartphone, valid UAE number and you can jump on and start enjoying all the offers in UAE.

The merchant list has been curated bearing in mind preferences & choices of the UAE consumer demographic and features brands loved & frequented by masses as well as the elite population. Some of the merchants include the likes of Bombay Chowpatty, Kulfilicious, Little Italy, VLCC & Drift Zone to name a few.

What makes ZNAP unique is its one-of-a-kind cashback model that allows ample benefits for both merchant and user.  Unlike discounts offered by various other players, ZNAP’s cashback model is more sustainable keeping in mind the interest of both consumers & merchants.

Not just the consumers but the merchants also get to benefit from this cashback model.

The cashback earned is utilized at the same merchant’s hub, thus, leading to a long-lasting, loyal relationship between the customer and the merchant.

“The onset of Covid-19 changed a lot of things for businesses and how they operate. With COVID-19 willingly or unwillingly, we transcended into survival mode, not knowing what the future looks like. People began spending lesser on luxury and more on necessities. and small businesses were the ones that were most affected.

Znap was ideated with the intent to help & support small businesses (the backbone of any economy) survive. Thus, the launch of our Cashback model which acts like a loyalty platform for smaller businesses to help them retain existing customers, as well attract new customers to their establishment. The drive to survival is more superior than a simple inspiration and has ensure we grow out of our comfort zone, pivot and look at things differently.” said Uday Rathod, Founder, ZNAP.

ZNAP is available and free to download through the App store & Google Play store.

For more information visit: https://znap.cash