Sony MEA launches MHC-V6D all-in-one sound system

Sony MEA launches MHC-V6D all-in-one sound system

Sony Middle East and Africa FZE announced the launch of the new MHC-V6D all-in-one sound system with 1440 watts RMS (15,840 watts PMPO) comprising world class technology for the production of high quality sound.

The Sony 2014 home audio system integrates the ‘Sound Pressure Horn’ technology in its woofers to produce excellent sound. This technology increases the acoustic pressure of the bass to generate deeper and stronger sound quality. The sound pressure is amplified by using enclosures that create a long narrow path within the speaker cabinet. Even at low amplitude levels, the Sound Pressure Horn technology allows clear and full bass.

Party Chain mode enables multiple connectivity to enhance powerful sound and party like atmosphere. The Party Chain mode helps connect all Sony 2014 Home Audio systems with a normal auxiliary cable to enable multiple sound outputs.

The DJ effects in Sony home audio systems include a choice of isolator, flanger, pan and wah effects. Users can also create music through mixing different kinds of notes with DJ effects. The LED speakers come with brilliant built-in LED lights to create a disco like ambience.

Song Pal is a free dedicated app for smartphones that allows users to hear music content on the Sony audio system. Consumers can choose music, control playback on various music sources, browse content on USB device, change sound settings and power control. The app is available at both Google Play and the App Store.

The MHC-V6D from Sony is now available at all Jumbo outlets and select electronics retailers in the UAE.