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Epson launches a series of new 3LCD projectors

Epson has announced the launch of six new 3LCD projectors across two new series.The four models in the EB-1985WU series – including Epson’s first WUXGA projector under 5kg, and the first with Miracast – bring high resolution and high brightness focused at the corporate sector. The EB-1430Wi series contains two ultra-short-throw interactive meeting room systems – including one with finger-touch, Epson’s latest innovation in interactive projection.

Khalil El-Dalu, General Manager, Epson Middle East, says, “Since Epson’s introduction of finger-touch technology earlier this year, teachers and students have been able to collaborate using either their fingers or the interactive pens to underline or write onto any image, slide, graph and even video. Finger-touch is great for collaboration and brain-storming sessions, so we brought it to boardrooms and meeting rooms in an ultra-short throw projector. High-resolution business projectors that are able to match the resolution output by most laptops have been demanded by the market for some time, so we are pleased to offer the 1985WU series, which pairs WUXGA resolution with high brightness.”

All six projectors are built around Epson’s own 3LCD technology, which ensures equally high White and Colour Light Output for bright images and vivid colours.

The EB-1985WU series (EB-1985WU, EB-1980WU, EB-1975W and EB-1970W) are well-connected business projectors that reach WUXGA resolution and 4,800 lumens, creating more detailed and brighter presentations, even in daylight. As well as two HDMI ports, Wi-Fi and wired LAN, and built-in 16W speakers, all models are compatible with Epson’s iProjection app and also include Miracast and WiDi for wirelessly streaming content from a tablet or smartphone.

The EB-1430Wi series (EB-1430Wi and EB-1420Wi) bring ultra-short throw projection to meeting rooms, as well as dual pen interactivity. The new whiteboard sharing mode allows meeting participants to view and annotate whiteboard content from a range of smart devices, without the need for any special application. Multi-location image annotation makes it even easier to collaborate during meetings between different offices.

Both include EasyMP software for network monitoring, network projection and multi-PC projection, as well as Epson’s iProjection app1 for touchscreen devices to easily share and display content. With 3,300 lumens brightness and WXGA resolution, both the EB-1430Wi and EB-1420Wi have two HDMI inputs, built-in 16W speakers and two interactive pens.

The EB-1430Wi adds finger-touch interactivity. Finger-touch is all about instant interactivity using natural gestures, and it’s perfect for quickly emphasising a point. A precise technology that’s simple to set-up and easy to use, finger-touch complements the use of interactive pens. It works by using a laser curtain over the projected image that detects interruption by one or more fingers.

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