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Facebook rolls out Privacy Checkup

Checkups are important when it comes to physical health, but what about online safety and security?
Well, Facebook believes checkups are pretty vital for users’ privacy and, as promised earlier this year, is now asking users to make sure they know who they are sharing with and what’s being shared. The hugely popular social network has rolled out its Privacy Checkup.

The checkup is a simple exercise guiding users through their security and privacy settings. The checkup includes step-by-step instructions guiding users through the system to simplify how those settings work.

It’s a good idea as some users are confused by the settings and, in honesty, it makes pretty good PR for Facebook. It was back in May, when Facebook first tested the idea with a small group. That test must have been positive because now all 1.3 billion users will, in the next few weeks, be prompted to take the checkup when they log in.

Some news reports have often referred to the security settings as “complex.” The settings have changed a number of times over the years and those changes are further complicated by frequent rumours and fears that users’ privacy is compromised through this app or that game.

The new checkup should, hopefully, simplify some things and, at the very least, ensure users feel comfortable in who’s seeing what from them.

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