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The world’s largest comics and collectibles superstore opens in Dubai Outlet Mall

Fans of comic books, collectibles and pop-culture across the UAE have good reason to rejoice as Comicave, the Middle East’s first-of-its-kind superstore for high-end collectibles, apparel, novelty items and the like opens at Dubai Outlet Mall.

Comicave is the world’s largest store of its kind with 17,000 sq ft of retail space turning into a haven for manga enthusiasts, comic book aficionados and film and TV series buffs as the unique store brings to life a gathering of pop culture icons, superheroes, merchandise, comics and manga.

Comicave, brainchild of the CEO of Al Ahli Holding Group, Mohammed Khammas, aims squarely for a massive regional audience of video game, comic book and film followers. “Comicave is a destination for the Middle Eastern enthusiast of pop culture, comic books, movies, TV series, games and entertainment. We know there is a massive audience of fans and followers out there and reach out to them and set up a year-round superstore that will stock high-end collectibles, hard to find memorabilia, and everything to do with entertainment,” said Khammas.

Comicave is not just for high-end collectors. A comic island offers over 5,000 comic and manga titles. The store features an extensive library of tabletop games, ranging from Dungeons & Dragons to Hero Clix lines. Action figures, apparel, and smaller merchandise add to the store’s offerings. Gamers too have a place to gather and play online, cooperatively or against one another, at The Vault within the store.

“Our idea extends beyond retail. We want to be a superstore involved in the retail and distribution of high-end collectibles. But we also want Comicave to house an entire entertainment universe that attracts crowds of varying ages and interests. We want to open up a world that wasn’t available to enthusiasts before in the region. We’re developing a schedule of Cosplay events, gaming tournaments, model kit competitions, screenings, workshops and lectures,” said Yasmin Al Najjar Manager of the Comicave store.

Comicave’s collectibles area carries authenticated statues, sculptures, action figures, prop replicas and memorabilia of some of the most recognised and valued intellectual properties from the most famous studios in the world. “Items such as these are released in extremely limited quantities, together with authentication certificates. Their inherent scarcity makes them valuable and also capable of appreciating, much like art investments,” shared Khammas.

Some of the highlights of the store include collectibles from Hollywood blockbusters like Aliens, Predator, Star Wars, Star Trek, Terminator, Transformers, Superman, Batman, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Captain America, Thor, Attack on Titan and many more. Plans to distribute regionally and even manufacture licensed lines of collectibles are already in the works at Comicave.

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