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LG launches customer service app

LG Electronics (LG) continues to be the company that learns from you. Taking a page from its own Research and Development manual, LG recognized that the best way to continue to develop the greatest products is to directly interact with consumers throughout their user experience. This includes, helping users make the most of their LG Android Phone, home appliance, or home entertainment system – providing videos, tutorials, and tips & tricks to consumers all through their new free LG Care & Delight Mobile App. Along with the exclusive content, users will be able to live chat with LG specialist, trouble shooting any issues they may encounter with their product right away.

It’s understood that electronics and home appliances become an extension of the person using it, so it’s important that users fully understand how they can get the most from their LG product to make life that much easier. Although most technologies come with a user manual, consumers still may not know how to take full advantage of the special features packaged in their new LG product, or the tips of the trade that can make a new purchase run even better.

With the LG Care & Delight Mobile App all this changes. Easily downloaded on Google Play store by searching ‘LG Customer Service’ the app unlocks a series of video and tutorials via the Help Library that would be sure to impress even the most tech savvy user.  Tutorials cover all business unit sectors and include the likes of how to set up an LG Smart TV’s wi-fi and how to change the water filter on an LG Refrigerator. In addition to existing tutorials, LG will be sure to keep updating its tips and tutorials for any newly launched products.

Users are also able to trouble shoot directly from their Android phone through the app. The live chat allows for consumers to directly reach out to LG’s call center agents where they can guide the consumer through their phone and help users do self-diagnostics to determine any issues they may be facing with their machine.

Similarly, if service is needed on any LG device, purchasers can make a service request through the app. They’ll be able to track their request status and schedule a technician visit if needed. If users want a face to face experience the app can also guide them to the nearest service center or product dealer/retailer.

“The LG Care & Delight Mobile App has revolutionized how we as a company are able to interact with consumers,” said D.Y. Kim, President of LG Electronics Gulf FZE. “LG Electronics in the Middle East and around the world prides itself on its communication with those that use our products. It doesn’t stop after the sale but continues making sure consumers are having the best user experience possible and that we are here to support and trouble-shoot any issues that may arise.”

“We’re fully confident in our products, based on our ability to work alongside consumers to develop new technologies that best fit their needs. The only way this is done is by maintaining first hand communication with all our consumers throughout the life of their products,” Kim continued.

Consumers can continue to share feedback with LG Electronics through the app, submitting comments, concerns, and suggestions directly to LG. They’re also able to share their views on various social media through the app, connecting them to others in the LG Electronics family. The new LG Care & Delight Mobile App is currently available to download from the Google Play Store and will soon launch on the App Store for iPhone users.

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