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Acer Liquid Z410 4G Smartphone unveiled

Acer displayed its Liquid Z410 at Pepcom’s Digital Experience! Event last week in Las Vegas, USA. Liquid Z410 features ultra-performant 64-bits quad-core processor, and supporting 4G LTE (Cat. 4) connectivity for fast browsing, streaming and downloading almost anywhere in the world, this smartphone enables fast task management and clear calls at all times.

Its powerful Mali-760 graphic chip promises high-quality visuals and a seamless graphic performance, securing a smooth user-interface experience. the company also expects phones battery to last for up to 5.5 hours of talk-time, or 400 hours in standby.

Positioned right under the camera and encircled by an elegant textile pattern, the AcerRAPID key allows users to access a rich set of customizable actions with one touch. Easily operated by either hand, AcerRAPID is designed to add speed, flexibility and personalization to the user experience.

Furthermore, the Liquid Z410 comes with Acer QuickTouch enabling users to quickly control their phone with a simple one-finger gesture. Swiping a Z shape on the locked display launches the music player and swiping left or right commands previous and next songs, while a C shape opens the camera and a V shape enables dialer functions. The combination of AcerRAPID and QuickTouch empowers the Liquid Z410 to get things done faster than ever.

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