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Review: Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless

Fitness is a growing concern today. More and more people put aside their lethargy and take up regular exercise in order to combat the inactive lifestyle that has become so common today. One thing that all of us agree makes a huge difference in our performance is music.

The perils of loose wires while you are running or doing other similarly strenuous activities are well known to anyone who hits the gym regularly. You cannot waste time untangling wires, or breaking the wire while doing intense cardio. The Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless promises to be the end of your workout music worries, and it comes with a built in heart monitor as well!

At its core, the Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless is a performance oriented set of wireless earphones. It connects to your iPhone using Bluetooth. What you get is deep immersive sound and a pair of headphones that do not hamper your workout in any way.

On top of all this, you also benefit from the heart monitor feature of the device that keeps a track of your heart-beat and lets you know how hard you are going. The heartbeat monitoring system is placed in the earbuds itself and is certified to deliver clinical level accuracy.

Jabra offers a product that matches up to every claim that the company has made. This essentially ensures that you will get exactly what you were expecting from them. The short wire that connects the two ear pieces is small enough to be out of your way during any kind of activity.


Pulse 2

The earphones fit in snugly and the company claims that no kind of strenuous activity can pop them out. The sound is rich, loud and in high quality stereo. It is not audiophile level, but then the device is not meant to let you enjoy concerts in their pristine quality either.

The monitoring system pairs up with an iOS app that the devices come along with, and easily lets you keep track of how well you are doing. It can be used to push yourself harder, or relax a little if your body is not taking it too well.

Jabra has also made sure that Sport Pulse Wireless meets the US Military rain, dust, shock and sand standards. What this means is that it is ideal for indoors as well as outdoor activities. The five hour music backup will also make sure that you can go for a long hike without having to worry about running out of juice.

Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless is durable, offers high performance, and is designed to let your workout to your full potential. It does not come cheap though and you may want to consider cheaper alternatives if the price is too steep for you. However, with the features that it offers, and for the performance that it delivers, it is definitely a great buy.

Price: AED 799

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