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Review: Creative Hitz WP380

If you are looking for a pair of headphones, which is lightweight still, possesses a great quality of sound, you may well consider Creative Hitz WP380. Its ability to play music, both in wired and wireless mode is a unique selling point of this product. This headphone from Creative has more than what meets the eye. The design of the headphone is better than a basic headphone but not as stylish as many of its rivals. The product being inexpensive does not hurt the pocket even if it is not as stylish and visually appealing.

First thing first, the headphone design does not make it stand out, but it cannot be said that it does not look good. The plastic frame may seem fragile, but it is not exactly the case. The ergonomically placed play button on the ear cup lets you play and pause easily without having to do it on the output device.

Other buttons present on the ear cup lets you answer the call and change the track as well. Another great feature of the design is that they have been made as compact as possible. However, on the comfort front, the headphone disappoints a little as sufficient padding is not provided.

When it comes to connectivity, this device has the capacity to connect to the devices by wire, Bluetooth and NFC. Most of the smartphones are equipped with NFC which makes it easily compatible with the new generation phones and tablets.

Its connectivity with the Bluetooth also makes it compatible with PCs, desktops and mobile phones which do not have any other wireless mode than Bluetooth. A 3.5mm jack is however also provided so that you can enjoy music in the wired mode. All these means of connectivity make it a great buy considering the reasonable pricing as well.

The price at which the product is sold, the headphone’s drivers are quite robust. The sound quality is impressive, but it seems to be favoring the high ranges a tad more. Even with full base, the speakers did a pretty good job. The sound quality is great for all genres of music and audio while playing movies and games.

Creative Hitz WP380 has inbuilt Apt-X codex which compresses and renders an optimized sound streaming while using Bluetooth connectivity. This is a way to ensure that the quality of sound does not deteriorate when it is streamed through Bluetooth or NFC. Another feather in the cap of these headphones is handling of noise isolation and leakage of audio by the headphone. However, the catch is that it must be connected to compatible hardware to be able to use the feature.

It is the perfect sound companion of the mobile because of its compact design and presence of Bluetooth and NFC connectivity. The Creative Hitz WP 380 is indeed a good buy.

Price: AED 350

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