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Review: LG G Watch R

EditorsChoiceThe world of wearable electronics is heating up, and the last year has seen launches of wearable tech fitted in everything from necklaces to shoes. Watches are a hotly competed market presently, and giants like Apple, Samsung, and now even LG are launching products to woo the audience and capture some part of this emerging market.

The G Watch R is LG’s move to catch the eye of gadget freaks and geeks who love to buy the latest and the coolest wearable tech in the market. Keeping up with this strategy, LG has made sure that the watch looks great and is sporty yet simple enough to be worn on a regular basis.

The design is one of the biggest assets for the device and LG has certainly done a better job than most of its competitors. For one, the watch actually looks like a watch, and is something that you and I can wear on a daily basis.

Unlike some futuristic concept that people look weirdly at, the LG G Watch R blends in and people only realize that it is a smart watch when you activate its voice command feature or use its Android Wear features. The bright circular display is crisp and is clearly visible even when you are out in the daylight, which is a major advantage. The device is also the first to offer a true circular display.

LG has made sure that the device can work non stop for almost 2 days on a single charge. As far as wearable tech goes, this is good enough to ensure that you have ample of time to get your watch charged up again. A 1.2 GHz Snapdragon 400 processor powers the LG G Watch R and the device comes equipped with 512 MB of RAM and a decent 4 GB of on board storage.

The 410 mAh battery has been extensively tested and if all you are worried is that the watch will die out on you in the middle of the day, you can relax. The battery is rechargeable and will survive even the most strenuous of uses for more than a day.

While gadgets almost always look good in a photo, when it comes to wearables, comfort is just as important as style. You will be wearing the watch for 10-12 hours on a daily basis and LG has tried to emulate traditional watch design as closely as possible.

The leather strap takes roughly a week of wearing to soften up but feels natural after that. The standard size of the watch also ensures that if you want, you can have a premium leather strap replace the factory fitted one with the utmost ease.

Our verdict? The LG G Watch R is easily one of the best smart watches in the market. LG focused on creating a watch that you can wear daily, and the watch is certainly the closest to an analogue watch you will get right now. Hence the LG G Watch R wins our Editors’ Choice award.

Price: AED 850

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