Review: Apacer B510 Power Bank

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Review: Apacer B510 Power Bank

Devices that don’t pack enough battery backup are a persistent complaint that gadget lovers have had for quite some time now. Smartphones, especially are the main culprit behind this problem, and people often find themselves with a dead phone long before their day is over.

As phones get more powerful and bigger screens, batteries are failing to keep up. One great way to keep your phone working, is to invest a little in a power bank, which will charge your smartphone even when there are no power outlets around.

With a capacity of 5000MAh, the beautifully designed power bank by Apacer can fully charge your normal smartphone two times. However, the performance of the device can be judged only when we test it and see how it fares in real life.

The power bank looks great and its compact designs and strategically placed buttons and ports makes it a breeze to operate. It comes with a lithium polymer battery which is encased in a beautiful Aluminium case.

The use of aluminum makes the power bank aesthetically beautiful as well as very lightweight. 2.1A charging output is provided which offers fast charging for your mobile phones. Placed next to the charging point is an LED indicator which indicates the charging being carried out and a USB input meant for charging the power bank.

There are four LED indicators on the top right corner of the device. When all 4 LEDs are on, it indicates 75% or more power in the bank, 3 LEDs means 50-75% of power remaining and 1 LED indicates that less than 25% of power. This is a fine feature that tells you when you need to juice up the power bank.

The dimension of the device is 135x72x12 mm which makes it a really compact power bank with a fair amount of charging capacity. The small size and weight of just 170 grams also make it highly portable as it easily slips in the jeans’ pocket. You can charge one device at a time, unlike few power banks which offer multi-device charging capabilities.

When it comes to performance, the power bank packs a punch. The Apacer B510 power bank is designed for iPhone and iPad. The claims of the device that it can charge iPhone 5s twice is actually true and considering its 1500mAH. In fact, you can charge it 3 times before the power bank itself asks for charging.

In the case of an iPad which has a heavier battery, the power bank could charge it from 12% to 50% in 3 hours and was exhausted. However, the good thing is that the power bank gets fully recharged in just 6 hours.

Apacer B510 power bank is ideally suited for phones which have less heavy batteries. In case of iPads and tablets, look for power banks that pack in more power than what this device will offer you. At its current price, the battery pack is a decent choice if you intend to use it for charging smartphones with medium capacity batteries.

Price: AED 110