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Review: Jawbone UP Move

Activity trackers have been a rage these days as people have become fitness conscious and do not wish to leave anything to chance when it comes to fitness. Jawbone Up Move is a tiny device which looks like a Barbie’s watch, but is quite an effective tool and obviously better than its rival Misfit Flash which performs a similar function. It is more than a fitness tracker as it features wearable tech 2.0 which clearly indicates better technology. The price of the tracker is also quite reasonable considering the amazing features that the device boasts of.

Jawbone Up Move has a childish design with white silicone holders and plastic modules. You can wear it on the wrist using the strap or simply clip in on to the dress you are wearing. Though wearing it on the wrist using the extra band can make you look effeminate and childish. The design of this fitness tracker could have been better if it was made more robust and sturdy.

There is a lot that this budget fitness tracker can do for you. The device features three modes which can be operated from the module as well as the band. These three modes are activity tracking, sleep tracking and stopwatch. The default mode is that of the activity tracking which tracks the number of steps, calories that you burn, distance travelled, active time and idle time. All this is achieved by the use of the advance tri-axis accelerometer which is able to estimate your activities close enough to be accurate.

The stopwatch mode is the second mode of the device where you can specify to the device that you are about to start your activity. It supports a large number of sports setting which you can choose. Even if you have missed to change the mode to stopwatch, it is not a problem as you can tag the activity later on.

The last mode is the sleep tracking mode which you need to set when you are going to sleep. The device can detect deep and light periods of sleep, but lags behind its rival Misfit Flash that this setting is not invoked automatically. Other great feature that you find on the device is that it will remind you to sleep if you have been waking up since a long time and feeling lethargic. Another feature will prompt you do some activity if you have been resting for a long while.

The Jawbone Up move App is simply brilliant when it comes to show the results of your activities. Your activities are displayed in the timeline which makes it easy to comprehend and make suitable changes. There is an entire Jawbone UP ecosystem of apps which are mature in the contents and presentation. The battery is claimed to last for 6 months, after which it needs to be replaced.

Price: AED 550

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