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Giada unveiled Xeon E5 series motherboard

Giada unveiled the N50M-BO Xeon E5 single socket server motherboard comes with dual SFP+ ports and uses the Intel C612 chipset bringing more powerful performance. Professional internal design enables high efficiency, stability and safety while it runs at full speed.

The Giada N50M-BO is multi-functioning motherboard that is equipped with on-board Intel C612 PCH, two SFP+ ports and two Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports and offers full DDR4 memory support, the latest in server memory technology. The N50M-BO is positioned for the SME market and can be utilized as a storage server, work station picture processing station, all with high-speed network demand.

The Haswell micro-architecture brings new levels of performance enhancing features. One of the main developments, along with an increase in frequencies and core numbers.

These new DDR4 memory modules feature an increased stock frequency of up to 2133MHz and a lower voltage of 1.2V per module that delivers large bandwidth performance boost to memory intensive applications, but also provide for considerable energy savings in large scale server deployments. It is also equipped with 10x6Gb/s SATA slots to provide massive storage capacity.

Apart from two on-board Gigabit Ethernet LAN (Intel i210) ports, it also has two on-board 10Gb/s SFP+ (Intel 82599ES) ports, doubling queues compared to the previous generation of Intel 82574L controllers. This is better for virtualization applications. In addition, the dual LAN teaming ports provide high networking bandwidth with load balance and fault tolerance functions, greatly reducing data processing bottlenecks during network traffic. In short, the motherboard provides a network access layer with high bandwidth and low-latency access-layer networks all on an ATX sized server board.

Four PCIE slots enable connectivity of all manner of PCIE devices such as LAN, RAID and including the usage of multiple host bus adapters (HBA).

The N50M-BO server motherboard supports IPMI 2.0 technology. Even when the server operating system is shut-down or off-line, the KVM module lets network administrator’s access and monitor the server hardware, and subsequently diagnose and restore a frozen server to normal operations at any given time via a simplified web-page management interface.

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