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Review: Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham (for PC)

The Lego game series has been a huge hit with the fans, and the previous iterations have proved that gamers love playing an entire game made of Lego characters. The original Lego is a classic game and entire generations have grown up building all kinds of things with them. The Lego Movie was another trip down the memory lane, and the nostalgia attached with the adorable little characters of the Lego game are one of the biggest reasons behind the popularity of this entire genre.

After introducing the Batman world, in the course of two games, Lego Batman 3 picks up from the point where the previous game leaves it. The story surrounds Brainiac, the main villain in this game. Brainiac wants to destroy Earth, of course, and it is now up to Batman and his friend to save the world.

The Caped Crusader needs to pair up with old pals in the Justice League in order to stand a chance against the super smart and meg evil Brainiac, and when even that fails to be enough, he must join hands with mortal enemies. Working with foes like the Joker, and Lex Luthor for the express purpose of saving this world, Batman must go on a series of adventure and save his home planet.

The action of the game takes place in cities like Paris and Pisa, and also takes the superheroes to the home planets of the various members of the Green Lantern Corp. While one does miss the chance to play in fantasy locations like Smallville, and even the Gorilla City, the simple game play keeps you engaged long enough. It takes roughly ten to twelve hours to complete all the missions in this fame, though there are plenty of open world activities and side campaigns to indulge yourself in.

You will be playing as the Batman a lot, as the name of the game implies, but there are plenty of other characters as well. At times you will be the Martian Manhunter, while on other occasions, you will play as Wonder Woman. In fact, there are some obscure characters from the DC world as well that you can play as during some of the side missions.

The switching power capability of Batman, through the change of his suits, has also been made more dynamic, and you can now change suits, and therefore powers, whenever you want. Earlier, players needed to wait for the Batcave or the Watch tower before they could switch suits.

Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham has received a lot of success and praise. It is a fun game. While some people will find that the story is not too engaging, the game itself is thoroughly enjoyable. Warner Bros have kept in mind their comic book fans, and given them a video game they will love and enjoy. A great buy, Lego Batman 3 is a delightful game that you will have fun playing alone, or with your friends.

Price: $30 Approx.

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