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Review: NEC MultiSync PA322UHD

The NEC Multisync PA322UHD is a monitor designed for professionals who require ultra-high definition quality for their work. Aimed at designers, the monitor has a 32” display that is wide enough to accommodate the needs of any designing project, and the crystal clarity afforded by the device makes it ideal for projects where accuracy is crucial. The color calibration facilities are extensive as well and aid in producing the highest quality work.

The monitor is a bit on the bulky side, and is in stark contrast to the lightweight and slim monitors that have become so commonplace today. But the device compensates for these shortcomings by offering a gorgeous display that is not only ultra-high definition, but also offers extras like wide viewing angles and superb color and gray scale rendering. You also need to consider the fact that the professional requirements that the device fulfills more than make up for any bulk related complaints that one might have.

The NEC Multisync PA322UHD also comes equipped with a lot of connection options through the use of a variety of I/O ports, making it compatible with virtually every system. At over 20 kg, there is no denying that this beast is not something you want to be carrying around frequently. It will also take up a lot of desk space, and if you usually place your monitors on a suspending arm, better make sure that it is heavy duty.

The NEC Multisync PA322UHD is a dream come true for designers, photographers and graphic professionals. Right out of the box, you can calibrate it using the SpectraSensor tool that NEC provides, and get a level match of almost perfect target white point. Color calibrations are not going to be a problem when you are using one of these displays.

The quality of the display is mind blowing as well! The ultra-high definition display works exactly as promised, and the wide screen gives you ample of space to work with. You get to work at a resolution of 3840×2160, and use the MultiProfiler tool to work with 5 different monitor settings and switch between theme effortlessly. For a display of this size, the NEC Multisync PA322UHD also exhibits an incredible degree of edge to edge consistency.

NEC has made a name for itself in the monitor segment by producing high quality devices. Its previous model NEC EA244UHD had a number of problems, all of which have been addressed and resolved in the NEC Multisync PA322UHD. One thing to note is that despite the superb colors and image quality, the NEC Multisync PA322UHD is thoroughly a professional display.

It will leave a lot of gamers disappointed, but it’s pixel response is not ideal for modern day games. Games will still render well on this display, but gamers are better off with a G Sync enabled device instead. The NEC Multisync PA322UHD specifications and price have been fixed keeping in mind that it will primarily be used by professionals for their work, and with the performance that it delivers; it certainly justifies the price tag.

Price: $2999

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