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New range of MSI Elite graphics card

Components vendor MSI, has ushered in its Elite line-up of gaming graphics cards, including the GTX 980 gaming 4G.

MSI has also released its MSI GTX 980 Ti gaming 6G graphics card, featured with 6GB of VRAM and powered by the twin Frozr V cooler. The card also features a premium LED illuminated MSI gaming Dragon that can be controlled by a new feature on the exclusive MSI gaming app.

Both models equip a back plate, which carves out dragon insignias to increase structural rigidity and completes the exquisite appearance. Along with the new LED functions and the easy tuning gaming app, GTX 980 Ti gaming 6G delivers a silent and cool gaming experience.

MSI has also showed off its brand new premium SLI bridges, supporting 2-way and 3-way spaced SLI setups. It features a charismatic LED backlit GAMING shield, which can be controlled by the MSI gaming app and is forged out of high quality materials. Complementing the looks of MSI GAMING graphics cards, this SLI bridge is the ideal link for a true MSI GAMING SLI setup.

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