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Review: Mario Party 10

Every party needs a digital board game. Mario Party 10 gives you just that. You play with your friends, roll a virtual die and deck it out to ensure that you reach the end of the game. The basic plot of the game is pretty strong and offers a fun time just like its predecessors. Mario Party 10 ups the madness in the game, and to use a phrase from our favorite movie villain, it introduces a little anarchy into the system.

It will leave you laughing, and on occasions it will make you want to throw out the game through the window. The game is madness and will make sure that you and your friends have a great party. All the mini games which keep popping up make sure that there is no monotony.

Quick facts about Mario Party 10:

Number of players supported: 1-5

Bonus features – Amiibo support and a special Bowser mode

Special requirements –  Each player needs to have their own Wii remote

Price: $49.99

Status: Released on March 20, 2015

Mario Party 10 (MP10), has many fun moments. However, if you have played Mario Party 9, you will inevitably groan at the sight of the shared car which all players take turn driving. That one is certainly a piece of history that should have been left where it was found.

The game is spread across three modes:

  • Amiibo Party
  • Mario Party
  • Bowser Party

Amiibo party most closely resembles the classic Mario Party game that most players will be familiar with. You all take turns and move around the board whole trying to get the highest score.

One interesting thing for new players will be the concept of stars in the game and how they appear randomly. The player who hits the most number of stars has the most advantage, and is usually the winner. MP 10 has a different take on the game, and when a player hits a star, a new one appears, but in a different, and completely random location.

This feature is a great leveler and will single handedly guarantee that experience gamers do not make it boring for the rest of the party. The randomness of the star means that even the most inexperienced player can still win the game. To compensate for this to the experienced gamers, MP 10 features a number of mini games where players get to beat and humiliate their opponents.

While such a setup in Mario kart would have led to multiple homicides, as a party special feature, it makes a lot of sense and is certainly something that will make playing with friends and family a lot more fun.

One obvious problem that gamers will have is with the shared car which is highly infuriating. There is also the fact that every player must have a personal Wii remote, making the game quite expensive for someone who does not already have the full setup, or only has one or two remotes.

Price: $49.99

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