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Review: Asus Transformer Book Chi T300

Asus, a multinational computer hardware and electronics company from Taiwan has launched its new Transformer Book Chi T300, which is a laptop cum tablet hybrid. The company claims it to be event thinner than air. It is a super skinny machine that can be docked with a keyboard or can be used as a tablet.

The Chi comes at an affordable price of $699. If you wish to purchase a hybrid PC without spending tons of money, then Transformer Book Chi T300 can be the perfect choice. The thickness of the tablet of the machine if just 0.3 inches and when it is docked with a keyboard the thickness increases to 0.68 inches, thus making it as an ultra slim machine.

The hybrid features with a 5Y71 Intel processor, while the processor speed is 1.2 GHz. It is a decent combination to run the machine smoothly without having hanging issues. It is fuelled with the latest version of the Windows operating system i.e. Windows 8.1. The RAM installed in the PC hybrid is of 8 GB, which will make sure that you are able to multitask with utmost ease without any lagging problems. The RAM type is DDR3.

The slim and sleek look makes Transformer Book Chi T300 a special device. The screen of the machine is 12.5 inches and is super thin, but the weight does not justify the approach of being thin as it is not super light. The weight of the tablet is 1.59 pounds and when is the docked to the keyboard, it increases to 3.15 pounds, which is relatively heavy when compared to its thickness.

The device is much heavier than Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro and Dell XPS 13 PC hybrids, weighing 2.62 pounds and 2.6 pounds respectively. The screen resolution of 2560 x 1440 and the aspect ratio of 16:9 promise to offer an amazing view to the users. The screen type is capacitive LCD touchscreen with active colors.

The major drawback of the hybrid is that it lacks full sized USB port. There is no extra USB port, as there is only one micro USB opening at the left edge of the dock. In this case Lenovo Yoga Pro 3 and Dell XPS 13 are ahead of ASUS’s PC hybrid as both of them are equipped with two 3.0 USB ports and either an HDMI connection or a mini display port.

The machine comes with a 128 GB hard drive, which offer a huge amount of memory space to save all your music, movies, documents and videos, without even worrying about memory space. The connectivity option installed in the machine is 802.11 a, b, g, n Wi-Fi.

The audio output is of 3.5 mm with dual input. As compared to the screen and graphics the sound quality is not so brilliant but it is acceptable. The volume is loud enough, but the sound is little tinny. The battery of the machine is Li-Polymer with 30 Wh capacity, offering maximum battery life up to 8 hours.

Overall, the device is quite good for the pricing it is available at. If you are looking for a good device that is thin and light, the Asus Transformer Book Chi T300 is just for you.

Price: $699

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