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Review: Devil May Cry 4

Capcom, the legend in developing and publishing of some breathtaking video games launched the fourth version of Devil May Cry in 2008. The game which has gathered immense popularity since its release and set a new trend of multiple consoles was released for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows operating system.

The previous installment, which was criticized for its extreme difficulty level has finally found some solace as the developers have walked a serious balance scale this time. They have tried to blend all their plus points from their previous games and have stylized the product at the end. Result – A hack and slash video game which gives non-stop fast paced action and adrenaline rush.

Unlike the previous games, Devil May Cry 4 introduces a new protagonist, Nero, a “confused teenager” who in the starting is doing all the dirty and special work of the Order of the Sword. Dante, who has given the reins to Nero to lead is mostly seen in cameo during the game.

As a whole, the game is about a powerful teenager (who also possess a devil arm) Nero, who has to differentiate between what is worth fighting for and what is worth killing for. Is it the Order, who has adopted him, the bad guys or Dante, who has assassinated some high-level demon of the very same Order, a good guy?

The character of Nero does not differ much from Dante if the question of looks calm, but still the bold move of introducing Nero and giving him a larger part of the stage might not be a very good decision for the hardcore lovers of the franchise.

As for the discussion of his default powers, the Devil Bringer and the Devil Trigger are the real center of the attraction. The first one will help the gamer grab a distant object (including enemies) and do some nasty stuff with that. The second is the more evolved and come later in the game. The devil trigger is used to unleash the demons from Nero’s demonic arm, which cause havoc to the enemies in the front. A delight to watch, seriously!

The camera angles and their movement do sometimes ruin the bright, fun side of the game. The problem which was there from the very first game in the franchise, mostly occurring in the jump sequences can frustrate the gamer as it breaks his focus. The repetition is the second problem.

The gamer is not always exploring new areas with each new level. At some point is back at the starting territories with minimal changes here and there. These two come as disappointments mainly because of the unexplored possibilities to tell the story of Nero in a very different way. The new character should have a new background and tone attached to it, which was given a miss over here.

Other than that, the developers have really tried to set a benchmark in graphics. If one has to describe them in one word, it should be just – impressive. The gothic environment combined with the continuous bloodshed does manage to give chills and the feeling of loneliness in the dark background.

The game has improved a lot and sure opened a new chapter for the continuation of the story. The developers have tried to rectify from their past mistakes and presented a pretty amazing action based game to the gamers out there.

Price: $20 approx.

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