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Make your Android phone faster

Fly team today unveiled a super light, smart and stylish home-screen manager, coined as Fly launcher that optimizes android operating system and improves the overall android phone experience like never before.

“We spend long time in researching several of the android launchers available in the market, collected data about customer behavior about the usage of android smartphones and found out that majority of the android launchers require big memory space and end up consuming up lots of RAM. Even, some of the launchers who claimed they are light and fast, but were all inflicted with many ads that would slow down the device considerably.” said Vyron, product manager for android launcher at Fly. “That’s when the idea was born to create to Fly launcher, which will resolve all the issues faced by android smartphone users world over.”

The Fly launcher with less than 2MB size consumes relatively little RAM space and also it can support to run 3 apps simultaneously. The size of the Fly launcher is the key that keeps the processing power intact to make android smartphone smoother and faster than ever before and providing a never before user experience, including speeds up switching between two screen to provide a smoother experience.

Fly launcher offers smart feature that makes the home screen of the android smartphone looks neat, clean and beautiful. Every user has multiple apps downloaded on its phone that makes home screen look cluttered and crowded but Fly launcher classifies all the apps in separate category and stores them accordingly such as, all the social apps downloaded on the smartphone will automatically be stored in one folder, which would make the screen look clean and user can also access the apps easily.

Fly launcher is available for free and can be downloaded from www.flylauncher.net with minimum requirement of Android 4.2. And also on Google Play store https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.flylauncher.www .

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