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Review: Sennheiser RS 185

Sennheiser is shaping today the audio world of tomorrow – that is the ambition that they and their company live by from day to day. Maintaining the same vision in mind the company came up with its latest gadget i.e. Sennheiser RS 185 that is created by keeping the music lover in mind.

The RS 185 now makes it possible to enjoy high-fidelity, dynamic Sennheiser sound anywhere without the hassle of wires. These ergonomically designed, innovative, wireless headphones deliver amazingly precise sound. Sound is reproduced in uncompressed digital quality, and they are light and comfortable.

The RS 185 has a tight fit on the head and the headband is smoother which is good since they don’t move over the head and makes it comfortable. Just like other brand’s headphones, the RS 185 is fairly sober in terms of looks, and very well-built, using high quality matte black plastic.

The headband is made of metal, which make it more sturdy and sophisticated that is enough for extended period of use. One thing is for sure, you won’t be worrying about snapping it in two.

Wireless, open, around-ear headphones, the RS 185 have pretty large ear cups. They fit very comfortably around the ear, the velvet-wrapped ear pads add good look and user feel more comfortable on the ears. Weighing about 310-gms, these headphones are light enough to forget they are on and they don’t make your ears overheat, either. Despite the reasonable pressure they exert to stay perfectly in place.

Since we’re on the subject of comfort, robustness, Sennheiser has made it easy to control these headphones. The right ear cup is incorporated with the command unit. You can use these controls to adjust the left/right pan, and even the volume. There is a power button on the ear cup, too, which lights up green (LED) indicating turned on.

When the headphones are turned on, it sends a signal to the TR 185 transmitter, which is connected to the source using either an analogue or optical digital connection. The transmitter emits sound. The transmitter also recharges the two AAA NiMH batteries that are fitted into each ear cup.

The batteries themselves generally last the listed 20 hours. The ear pieces twist off counterclockwise, so it is very easy to get the batteries in and out. The best thing is that you can pair up to two sets of headphones at the same time using the same transmitter, which is great if you are watching a film with your partner. It saves you buying two full packages separately.

The RS 185’s frequency response is linear, nice and flat. Vocals of RS 185 are very well rendered and perfectly clear, making the frequency range more detailed, clean and accurate. Distortion is linear and low and never exceeding the limit.

All in all, the RS 185 headphones are perfect for watching a movie, and are equally as good for listening to music, due to their very low delay and excellent rendering of voices.

Price: $400 approx.

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