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Review: Jawbone UP3

With the growing concern for the fitness in this highly unstable world, it did not come as a shock when companies had begun to invest in many fitness related merchandises. Keeping the tabs on the calories burnt and the limits reached, the people began to look up at the emerging technologies to give a way out to record their achievements.

One of the main technology that caught up with many people concerned with their fitness is a fitness tracker. As the use of the product began to rise, many new and sophisticated updates began to join this creation of science. Jawbone one of the leading companies which sells wearable technology recently (after much anticipation) launched Jawbone UP3.

As per the company, this is the best fitness technology can offer right now. Laced with advanced sensor in the form of five golden colored squares, which measure one’s respiration rate, the temperature of the body and obviously the heart rate, the new version is also termed to be as splash-proof and shower proof.

Those squares do put some nasty imprints on the wrist. If the people can ignore that, the rich battery life (can last a week) and the bit of a slick design can surely impress them. Though the makers were originally interested to make it water proof, but the during the production it came out to non-reliable for the swimmers.

Unlike its predecessors, whose design was inspired from the bracelet, the UP3 is more related to a watch, but still with no display screen. The user can easily use the mobile app to check the progress and the information recorded by the fitness tracker.

The presence of no display screen can make it difficult for it sustain in the market, as both Apple and Microsoft have launched the slick watches with a good display screen. Also the threat from Android should not be taken lightly.

The other disadvantage can be its expensive cost. It can cost around $200 to be an owner of the tracker. The mere cost which does not live up to the given features can hurt the company. It has been made tough. Double-tapping the sensors and to hold them down if one wants to switch modes is not that efficient to use.

In the end, the buyer can surely become irritated with the not so perfected touch mechanism. The way the Jawbone Up3 analysis sleep is going to be the USP of the product. The detailed form with the graphical presentation on the app can prove to be a life changer for those who need to work on their sleeping patterns.

But on the other side, the same device does not tell how much stress one is putting on the heart while he is doing exercise or during workout session. In the end, all that anticipation and the result of an average product, does not bring cheers to the followers of Jawbone UP series. Its decent with its own set of shortcomings.

Price: $170 approx.

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